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Whats On In Javea

The Three Kings will arrive by boat at Javea port at approximately 5pm, greeting the children and parading through the streets until approximately 7pm when they leave and head for the historic centre of town and into the Placeta del Convent.

For those who wish to know a little more about the history of the Kings, read on….

Santa Claus may have gone back to the North Pole to rest, but it doesn’t mean the gift-giving (and receiving) is over — at least not for the thousands of children in Spain anxiously awaiting“El Día de los Reyes” Celebration on Jan. 6th.

For many Christians, the holiday season doesn’t officially end until the 12th day of Christmas known as the “Feast of the Epiphany” or “Three Kings’ Day”.

The holiday marks the biblical adoration of baby Jesus by the three Kings,  According to the Gospel of Matthew, the men found the divine child by following a star across the desert for twelve days to Bethlehem. Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar — representing Europe, Arabia, and Africa respectively — travelled by horse, camel, and elephant in order to present baby Jesus with three symbolic gifts.

The gold offered by one of the wise men is a symbolic acknowledgment of Jesus’ royal standing as “King of the Jews,” while the frankincense manifests the divine nature of the baby’s existence, since he is not an earthly king but the Son of God. And finally the myrrh, often used to embalm corpses, was gifted to the newborn as a symbol of Jesus’ mortality — foreshadowing his death as a means to cleanse humanity of its sins.

Reyes festivities come in different shapes and sizes across the globe from community parades to three-day celebrations at Disneyland.  “Rosca de Reyes” (Kings’ Bread) Can be found in supermarkets and bakeries,  while others simply make the holiday staple at home honoring the tradition to hide a baby Jesus figurine within the bread — the person whose slice has the figurine can then wear the crown. The person who finds the hidden bean has to pay for the Roscan.

Whats On In Javea


Most people will know this fiesta; it’s the one where the animals are blessed during a huge concentration of pets of all shapes and sizes in the main square in the old town. However, the festivities are so much more than a single morning’s work for the local priest for there is the traditional burning of the pine tree to warm up a chilly January evening


Saturday 14th January

10:00 – Brunch for the CAE El Tiraset

12:00 – Transfer of the pine tree from Plaza de la Constitución to Plaza San Antonio

14:00 – Lunch for the CAE El Tiraset

20:00 – BURNING OF THE PINE TREE with snacks and mistela for all

Sunday 15th January

10:00 – Meeting of all the participants in the cart parade in Plaza San Antonio

11:00 – Cart Parade from Plaza San Antonio to Plaza de la Constitución via the port

13:00 – BLESSING OF THE ANIMALS in the Plaza de la Constitución

Tuesday 17th January – SAN ANTONIO

09:00 – Procession with the Commissió de Festes de Sant Anonti Abad “Penya La Burrera” in the port

12:00 – Solemn Mass in the Loreto church followed by blessing of the animals on the port promenade

Friday 20th January – CHILDREN’S DAY

17:00 – Fairground Special – all rides 1,50 euros

Fallas Valencia and Denia

The men and women who construct the fallas (monuments), get together to work through the night on erecting them, to have them finished by On the night of 15 to 16 March the plantà (installation) takes place, when the falleros and falleras, dawn on the 16th

On 19 March all of the sculptures, both those in the large and the children’s categories, go up in flames. At 10 pm the Cremà of the children’s sculptures begins. Two hours later it is the turn of the large monuments. The falla in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is the last one to burn, at 1 am in the morning. It is always preceded by a small display of spectacular fireworks which fill the square with noise, light and colour, leading to the Cremà of the city’s last falla and with it the end of the festival.

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